It's no surprise Cardi B would choose bananas in her hair mask, but did you know it's not about the banana, it's what's in the skin that counts?
Banana skin is loaded with vitamins, minerals and is a rich source of potassium ~ providing numerous benefits such as improving hair texture, elasticity and boosting shine. Rich in fats, natural oils and folic acid which smooths locks by taming frizz and dryness. From your scalp to the ends, this formula provides deep conditioning improving the overall texture of your mane. 


The Blessed Bananas Masks are made with oil derived with the skin of bananas to give your hair the pure benefits of Deep Moisture, Detangling, Scalp hydration and hair strengthening.

Blessed Bananas Masks not only bonds the hair strands with nutrients, but celebrates family bonding time, just like Cardi B and Kulture--without the hassle of making it yourself!