Repair Bonds


About Blessed

Nadine Ramos is the proud Latina Founder and CEO of not only Blessed Bananas, but the global salon professional brand, Lasio. She is an expert pro stylist, with a background in chemistry and product formulation. One day, after watching her two sons eagerly devour bananas, she began to wonder if these fruits were not only beneficial for their bodies but also for their hair and scalp. Following many hours of research, she discovered that banana oil extracted from the peel is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Nadine then joined forces with her sister, Taina Del Rio, the current VP of Blessed Bananas to create a line dedicated to hair repair crafted through ingredients found within nature. Taina brings her background in nursing and health which fuels the company's passion for its holistic approach. Together, Taina's meticulous attention to detail and creativity, along with Nadine's expertise and grit, ensure the success and harmony within their operations.