Hair masks are so good for our hair and add extra hair hydration, softness and shine! 

Now, who doesn't love healthy and hydrated hair?

You may feel tempted to reap all of these juicy benefits by using hair masks daily, but hold for a second because overuse can result in greasy hair and wasted product.

Let’s explore how often we should be using a hair mask. 

What's the correct number of uses?

As mentioned earlier, we do not recommend using hair masks daily, but it is also up to you to decide if you want to use a hair mask once, twice a week or every other week.

Factors like, your hair porosity and the weather can affect how often you need to use a hair mask. On the other hand, hair masks add an extra blast of hydration, and your hair type directly impacts the number of times you should use a hair mask.  

Fine hair: If you have fine hair, you should use a hair mask about once a week because using it too frequently can cause your hair to feel weighed down. 

Oily hair: if you have oily hair, we recommend using a mask once per week. Using it more often than that will result in further adding moisture and creating an even oily head of hair. 

Dry Hair: Dry hair is screaming for moisture! We therefore recommend using a mask 2-3 times a week. 

Damaged hair: Hair that is damaged from chemicals or weather should get a mask 2-3 times per week.

You must pay attention to the directions on the package to get the best possible results. We highly recommend that you use our line of hair masks formulated with the highest quality ingredients, including banana oil, to provide hair hydration and strengthening benefits to each hair strand!


Hair masks are an essential hair care staple and can revitalize your hair or maintain its fantastic condition…but only if you use them the right way! 

We love hair masks and think they're amazing for deep conditioning and nourishing hair.

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