As summer's lazy days give way to the back-to-school hustle, we plan to turn your countdown into an unforgettable family adventure. Say goodbye to those carefree summer nights and hello to bonding moments that'll create lasting memories. Dive into family fun, relaxation, and wellness, as we gear up for the school year ahead!

Pampering Together

Who said hair masks are just for solo pampering? Transform your home into a spa sanctuary with the help of Blessed Bananas. Gather the whole crew for a spa day filled with giggles, relaxation, and rejuvenation. From soothing hair masks to invigorating scrubs, Blessed Bananas hair care line is the perfect addition to have your family’s “everything wash” day, due to the powerful properties of banana oil. Read more about the healing properties of banana oil here.


@diy.mama.kayleen Self-care is so important and is such an important skill to teach, even to your toddlers! @blessedbananasmask hair masks make it easy and fun to turn your me time into us time and show your littles what self-care looks like! #BlessedMaskMoments #ad #fyp #parentsfyp #toddlermoms #toddleractivitiesathome #fallactivities #spadayathome #toddlerspaday #toddlermommusthave #hairmasks #curlyhairroutine #viraltiktok #mommyandmetime ♬ Cute - Prod by Rose & Artsounds Chill


Cooking Up Memories Together 

Whip up some culinary concoctions as a family in the kitchen! Invite your little chefs to join in the fun and prepare a special meal. Add a touch of flavor to your cooking adventure with the help of banana oil (But not in your food please!). Add the superpower ingredient to your hair while cooking up a feast. In 10 minutes, you and your family will have softer strands before your delicious feast.



Unplugged Game Night

Unplug from screens and plug into each other with a technology-free game night! Gather around for old-school board and card games, and enjoy healthy competition. Upgrade the fun with the Ban Fam Gift Set, where everyone wins healthy, strengthened, nourished hair. Unleash your competitive spirit while practicing self care.



Exploring the Great Outdoors

The great outdoors is calling! Delve into the wild with adventurous family outings and picnics. Whether it's a nature hike, a sandy beach day, or simply exploring your local park, the simple moments strengthen the bonds between you and your family. While exploring the great outdoors, use banana oil to protect your strands from the harsh UV rays. Banana oil is a deep hydrator that moisturizes dry, damaged hair, leaving it soft and hydrated.


As the school year draws near, make the most of this countdown. With a sprinkle of self-care and family time, the back-to-school transition will be easy, from switching from summer mode to creating new routines. So, embrace the small moments of family togetherness.