Ever wonder what goes into your hair care products and exactly what all of those powerful ingredients can do for your hair if used properly? Here at Blessed Bananas, we believe in the power of nature, so we crafted a bonding serum with only three, natural ingredients.

We love our bonding serum because it does exactly what it says it will do. Crafted with pure banana oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E, the Bonding Serum is a game-changer for all hair types. Here's how nature’s trio works wonders for your strands.

Pure Banana Oil: Adds Strength and Shine

Banana oil, derived from the peel of ripe bananas, is a powerhouse of nutrients that promote hair health. Rich in potassium, vitamins A, C, and E, banana oil strengthens hair strands, reduces breakage, and adds a natural shine. Potassium, an essential mineral found in bananas, penetrates the hair shaft, improving elasticity and preventing split ends.

The natural oils in bananas also act as a deep conditioner, nourishing the scalp and preventing dryness. This makes our bonding serum particularly effective for those with dry or damaged hair, as it restores moisture and vitality.



Coconut Oil: The Ultimate Moisturizer and Repair Agent

Coconut oil has long been celebrated for its versatile benefits in hair care. Packed with fatty acids and vitamins, coconut oil is a natural moisturizer that penetrates the hair shaft, reducing protein loss and preventing damage. This makes it an excellent choice for repairing and rejuvenating all hair types.

In the Crown of Glory Bonding Serum, coconut oil works in harmony with banana oil to provide a deep conditioning experience. The combination of these two natural ingredients not only nourishes your hair but also promotes a healthy scalp, fostering an environment for optimal hair growth.

Vitamin E: The Protector and Antioxidant

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that plays a crucial role in protecting hair from environmental damage. In our bonding serum, vitamin E adds an extra layer of defense against free radicals and UV rays, preventing premature aging and maintaining the vibrancy of your hair color.

Vitamin E promotes a healthy scalp by improving blood circulation and supporting hair follicle health. This makes the Blessed Bananas Bonding Serum a styling product and a natural solution for overall hair wellness.


The Bonding Serum stands out in the crowded world of hair care products by harnessing the power of three simple, yet potent natural ingredients. Pure banana oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E work together to provide a transformative experience for your hair, making it stronger, shinier, and healthier. Say goodbye to complicated ingredient lists and embrace the simplicity of nature with Blessed Bananas. Your hair will thank you for it.